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 Back in 1986 I had to take an early retirement and to make a decision about the future.
After 32 yr. in the machine tool field. was going on  my own and building a product that was needed or continue working in the machining field for someone else what I wanted to do.

 During September of that year at Newport beach in rode island at there annual quaghoug camperama one of the rockers that I had since the sixties needed repair and someone stated that if I could make them there was a market for them. This is where the idea for a rocker that would support and be big and comfortable for anyone that regardless of weight could enjoy.

  I was under the impression that the machineís needed to bend , drill and partís required could be purchased on the open market. As anyone that has tried this route will tell you it is not the case. My goal was to be in production in less than five years. It has taken eight years to maintain the income base and build all the tools needed
 To build these tools they stated a lead time of two to three years and a price that was out of this world. Because of my back ground together with machine tool auctions and plenty of dedication this product came into being.
 Developing of machinery to overcome all of the problems, combined with the strongest materials on the market, and with special fasteners to adjust to body dimensions I now have combined all that is needed for most persons that prefer a laid-back or sit-up style portable rocker.

 The standard frame was designed for the six foot five whose body weight ranges between two hundred to four hundred lbs. this frame is made to last a lifetime and will not have to be replaced after every season combined with the fear of collapsing under you depending on his or her needs
 To  the five foot six inch person with a large frame they expressed ease in reclining and exiting with the standard frame. This was not the same reaction with a smaller frame ( body weight ) five foot six inch person because there needs did not require height to get into and out of the rocker. They preferred the beach chair  which is two inches lower.

 The fabric is a vinvl coated polyester heavy duty material that will support just about anyone.

This material by itself or sewed together with aircraft seat material combined with hook and loop fasteners you can replace it and adjust for the persons special body requirements gives back support and comfort. Now he or she can have a rocker to take with them anywhere without having to worry about there friends accommodations.

Over the years I realized that mass production of the products developed could not be made in the U.S.A. due to the high cost needed. In 2002 I had a motorcycle accident and had to put everything on hold. I will turn 70 in 6/2008 and wish to create a team to take my intellectual & industrial knowledge to a global market. Knowing life, will it end in my mid 80's as most of my co-workers have, I as an inventor wish to guide it's development as long as I am able.

At this time due to the expense of manufacturing I can only make rocker's on Special Orders with registered serial numbers. It will take thirty to sixty business days lead time with conformation using E-mail reply's.

      Yours Truly, Bob St. Germain Sr.

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