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Welcome to Readers Digest World War II

Contents & Introduction / Chronology & Index / Against Long Odds

I led the attack on Pearl Harber / Rember Pearl Harber / Why the Sneak Attack Succeeded / America on the Brink of War / The Fall of Singapore

Hitler's Sizure of Europe / Adolf Hitler - Twisted Genius of War / Blitzkrieg in Scandinavia / The Rhine / The Fall of Poland / Tyranny on the March

Western EuropeA March to Oblivion / How and Why Japan Prepared for World War / The Flying Tigers / Japan Girds for War

The Miracle of Dunkirk / Winston Churchill - Man of the Century / The Battle of Britain / The Voice from London / The Sinkking of the Bismarck

Britain Rules the Mediterranean / The Gallant Defense of the Philippines / Douglas MacArthur - Hero of the Philippines

Disater and Glory in the philippines / Death March from Bataan / Doolittle Bombs Tokyo / The Battle of the Coral Sea

The Story of Dieppe / Midway - Turning Point in the Pacific / Action at Guadalcanal - Island of Death / Fighting Back in New Ginea

Tarawa - Conquest of the Unconquerable / The Germans Invade Russia / A March to Oblivion / The Desert Fox - Erwin Rommel

The Spartan General - Bernard Law Montgomery / Two Battles That Stoped Rommel / Operation Torch / Leader of the Allies

The American Soldier in North Africa / Raid on Regensburg / The Sicily Campaign - Operation Husky / The Invasion of Italy

Thrust And Counterthrust / Thrust Toward the Westwall / The Assault on Fortress Europe

Overlord - The Ailies Triumph in Normandy / Airdrop - Beginning of the Longest Day / First Wave on Omaha Beach

The Plot to Kill Hitler / The Battle of the Bulge / The Capture of Remagen Bridge / Roosevelts Death / The Battle for Berlin

The End of a Tyrant / Nazi Death Factory at Buchenwald / Banzai on Saipan / The Battle of the Philippiens Sea

Leyte Gulf - The Greatest Sea Fight / Iwo Jima - Closing In on Japan / To the Summit of Suribachi with the Flag

Hold that Line --- Or Die / Pearl Harbor / Philippine Campaign / The Ultimate Weapon / Blood and SandChina-Burma Theater

 Island - Hopping / End of the Japanese Empire / Final Offensive / On The Island Road to Tokyo

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Their are 17 DVD of 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, up to 1974 given for education purposes at these locations
Tyrrell Middle School 500 Todd Road Wolcott, Connecticut 06716
Long River Middle School Columbia Avenue Prospect, CT 06712
Thomaston High School 185 Branch Road Thomaston, CT 06787
Memorial Middle School Memorial Drive Middlebury, CT 06762
Hillside Middle School 51 Hillside Avenue Naugatuck, CT 06770
Watertown High School 324 French Street Watertown, CT 06795
Cheshire High School 525 South Main Street Cheshire, CT 06410
John F. Kennedy High School 422 Highland Avenue Waterbury, CT 06708

For Public Viewing
Silas Bronson Library, 267 Grand Street, Waterbury, CT 06702
Howard Whittemore Memorial Library 243 Church St. Naugatuck, CT 06770-4198
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