This is the concept of % of profits within franchise/CEO's
They become mentors to create & guide Entrepreneurial innovation.

As a former factory worker with 32 Yr. of experience and little formal education I will try to explain the concept to create jobs.
Having retired at age 48 and decided to manufacturing a quality rocker and build machine tools I have learned what is needed to create distribution with jobs.
(SORRY) Looking at 100% of population only 5% or less will understand what my  innovators franchise/CEO Business Concept Dream is all about.
Please E-Mail this URL Address or attach the PDF files bellow to those innovators you believe can educate future generations!

There are two different concepts #1 The Elderly Chair and #2 The generic version for any business.

% of Profits Opportunities generic version PDF to E-mail & Save

How to educate and create jobs: to E-mail & save

I want to be a CEO / Franchise to E-mail & save was created in 1998 for entrepreneurial innovation for Opportunities that are needs needed today
Pure capitalism innovation and distribution within categories for CEO"s to mentor local entrepreneurs

Franchises are going to be transparent and agree to share medical, legal, rental, and insurance liability requirements within their state

They will be transparent because all correspondence will be posted on their state information link on this web site.

There will be a board of directors created for U.S.A. and voted for by the franchise of each state.
The % of profits will be voted on and they will create a business plan.

All the applicants within a state that are sharing medical, legal, rental, and insurance liability will create a network and vote to pick who will be the state franchise.

Then depending on population the state franchise will create franchises from the applicants him/her within that state.

I believe that trade secrets within this network can protect the person or group to create the end of life care I envision.

It is up to the great grand children of those who created the manufacturing wealth to maintain the quality of life we enjoy.

I am offering to create this concept with you and it will be a work in process

The manufacturing of the Made Rite Chair will be created when there is the board of directors for M.R.C.-USA

They will be able to sell stock in all 50 states through the franchises. This could be Private or Public funds

Mass Production Machinery could take 2 to 3 yr. to build.

Only one state can be the manufacture plant location and will have to meet  % of profits instead of taxes to control cost . was created in 1998 for entrepreneurial innovation for Opportunities that are needs needed today
Pure capitalism innovation and distribution within categories for CEO"s to mentor local entrepreneurs

To those who can create this concept:  There is one truth you must understand: Elderly & family product / services are purchased when they have a way to purchase, not when you are ready to sell only.
So, just because the end of life product / service is not ready to buy today, doesn't mean they aren't important. After all, today's product/service for family’s are tomorrow's customers.
Treating Elderly & family like customers ensures they will come directly to you once they are ready to purchase.
I'm going to admit something that may sound a little arrogant from someone without formal education. I am envisioning hundreds of thousands of elderly family members.
They need a way to get back dignity and control in their quality of life right now. But, whenever I'm hearing about family elders predicament, I am thinking,
"This is one of my role models that shaped the society I live in." I need to create this concept before I have categorized them as "convalescent home customers" in my head.
It is my perceived value in them that causes me to learn more and create concept and educate another medical professional that has compassion to help with care delivery!
Similarly, treating societies elderly like family is going to dramatically increase healthcare product/service loyalty and family involvement in elderly care.
This concept, as a whole, shows that we all care about societies elderly and really want to succeed.
Whether in helping with healthcare or creating "one big family" hopefully you are not just out there asking what is in this for me and that's it."

Profit motivation cuts down on family benefits
Compassion with family benefits will create loyal.

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% of Profits Opportunities PDF to E-mail & Save

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