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Overview of needs and services addressed by the Made Rite Chair:

    This product is a X frame rocker that works muscles in the legs when sitting using the occupantís weight. What I have learned while developing this product it is not a store shelf item.  It needs to be adjusted and fitted to the human body by a technician that will understand the dynamics of the product and the physical limitations of the occupant being fitted to their needs.

    Going forward with the entitlements I believe that when the elderly are given the option to exercise while sitting and rocking before they get into the inevitable part of losing their balance, this would create a quality-of-life in mobility for them in the end years of life. Only the professors could calculate the savings in the entitlements.

Short and Long term patients with difficulty coming to stand from a regular chair.

    When seated in a regular chair, and if your hips are lower than your knees your going to have difficulty getting out. ( this     condition may require the help of two caregivers fiscally helping them up. )

    Short and long term rehabilitation facility senior citizens or adult day care are people routinely dewing a lot of siting and donít stay in the same chair for very long, because of the style of chair without cushions and lack of movement.

    People like to sit down and rest, some people you canít get them up because of whatever medical problem their is, such as a heart condition, so they cannot stand up for to long. They have ( COPD ) a congestive medical condition where they cannot breath properly. Emphysema , any problem where their vital capacity diminish where they can do limited activities due to tiring easily.

    Physical Therapist  & Occupational Therapist do a lot of ( ADL ) activities of daily living. Combing their hair, brushing teeth, washing , shaving, full body wash, bathing, showers that type of activity.

    They train the resident to do daily activities in a seated position rather than at a sink, most men stand at the sink and shave. This product ( maderite ) gives the facility the ability to have it ( ADL ) at their bedside to sit and shave as well as other functions. Sitting in a wheel chair you are not resting, because there is no support to the back of their head or the upper back. When sitting in a bedside chair chances are they are going to have to have pillows behind them because they tilt backward to reach the back of that chair and may not be a comfortable position. The maderite allows you to sit upright or semi recline all at the same time. This is a product that they can rest in that is comfortable, user friendly, adjusts to the resident body. Allowing caregivers the time needed when someone cannot complete an activity from start to finish without taking a rest period.

What is the residentís motivation to use the maderite:

    Once the resident is shown how to use the rocker they become independent, whereas they would need assistance with extra cushions, to bring them up higher in regular chairs to come to standing.

    The residents enjoy the maderite rocker for the ability to sit in any position, with the chair moving with them. This maintains comfort with the ease of getting up when they became restless. Independence is achieved, because they donít have to call for someone to help them.

    The maderite contours more completely to your full back, and you have enough support so that if you want to semi recline by putting your head back and enjoy, you can. The major comment you would hear is this is a very comfortable chair.

    Long term residents can enjoy roaming the facility and knowing where the maderite rocker is will, after resting continue on without assistance.

    They gravitated to the maderite because of the padding and comfort to remaining for long periods of time. The mechanics are changed by pushing down on the handles it then brings your hips higher than your knees so you have ease of standing.

    When the posterior cant take it anymore and when residents are doing activities that require them to sit for long periods of time, it had been observed that residents would somewhat fight to have one of the maderiteís that were open.

    Sharon Hebb R.P.T. / Rehab Coordinator /  Naugatuck, CT

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