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Credibility and Trust are the most important creator of Jobs for the family and individuals
Future generations and the trends of today for privacy do not allow for transparency in business:
To have him/her become self employed and create needs they invasion this is the starting point for transparency in business:
Income generating services need zip code transparency to create specialty services including knowing who is the scam artist rip off.
Inventors and innovators are people who believed in products and 98% created no wealth, the system only used them.
Today's neighbor does not always communicate as in years ago as to who they recommend and trust for services, products .
This will allow the public and those without formal education to create and learn the lessons of small business.
The concept needs to be updated to today's ever changing world of electronics by Zip Codes & Global location.

Welcome to Public Participation for Credibility in Business & Government!


This network is the equivalent of your local neighborhood association and the better business bureau by providing you with subject credibility and a bulletin board network for local, national and international business endusers opinions.

Open posting of personal opinion pages at every level both in License program owners subjects and Corporations doing business for service or products will allow public feedback to air feelings both positive and negative including rebuttals on our Bulletin Boards.

Public feedback and credibility is achieved through the license program owners that provide their own freemarket network of service down to the enduser.

Group/Net provides a main support network of all subjects on the web, maintaining quality within every national web location in English for exact translation to another language.

We are dedicated to work with all Intellectual Property information, by having freemarket compensation within a royalty licensing program.

License program owners will need to respond personally or have a associate at the local level for eye to eye communication's when needed. Responsibility and credibility for public disclosure and GroupNet's network engagement rules will apply.

This is the Intellectual Property of Robert J. St. Germain Sr.

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