GroupNetis a zip-code Club Family Needs learning Network

Creating & working within Social Media for Innavators creating a Neighborhood Need

State network of part time Mentors as a Board of Directors by Zip Code Location

Local Categories on .com  & Opportunities for the creation of income:

This are video hyperlinks of how to create a nonprofit zip code club
"Intellectual Property Basics: Understanding Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets"
"How to Survive a Networking Group Meeting" (AUDIO ONLY)
"Business Tips for Artists, Writers, Photographers and Other Creative Types"
"Raising Capital for the Startup Venture"
Time Management, Part III -- Client Handling and Management
Time Management for Business People with No Time to Manage Their Time
Competing with the Big Box Retailers, and Winning
Cold Calling Shouldn't Make You Sweat
Before You Sell Your Business
Who Will Benefit from Equity Crowdfunding? (Radio Interview with Barbara Weltman)
Crowdfunding Under the JOBS Act: Raising Capital Online for your Small Business or Startup
Dealing with Fraud and Scams in Your Small Business
Starting and Running a Nonprofit Organization, Part I
Starting and Running a Nonprofit Organization, Part II
Crowdfunding Your Business: Understanding the New Rules for Raising Capital on the Web
Crowdfunding for eBay and Amazon Sellers
Paying Your Income Taxes When You Sell on eBay
Secrets of Small Business Success
Legal Issues in Consulting Agreements
Representing the Startup e-Commerce Company
Negotiating Basics for Attorneys, Entrepreneurs and Others
Four Paths to Entrepreneurial Success
Social Media Marketing Basics for a Product or Invention
Trademark Law Basics For Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners
Social Media and the Law
The Four Horsemen of Corporate America: Megatrends That Are Shaping the Job Market
Starting a Small Business, Part 5: Raising Capital & Managing Your Finances & Budgeting
Starting a Small Business, Part 6: Protecting Your Business From Lawsuits and Other Business Risks
Starting a Small Business, Part 4: Finding Your Partners & Advisors, & Building Your Management Team
Starting a Small Business, Part 3 : Dealing With Competition & Building Your Competitive Strategy
Starting a Small Business, Part I: What Successful Entrepreneurs Have That Others Don't
Starting a Small Business, Part 2: Knowing Who Your Customers Are & Building Your Marketing Strat
Starting & Running a Successful Solo Consulting Practice
Copyright Law Basics for Artists, Writers and Other Creative Types
Running a Successful Home Based Business
Three Personality Traits all Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Must Develop
Dealing With Deadbeats: How to Collect Your Overdue Bills, Avoid Bad Debts and Get Paid Every
Doing Business on the Internet: How to Build a World-Class E-Commerce Business in 5 Easy Steps
Does eBay Marketplace have a future?
Should You Buy a Franchise?
Representing a Start Up Business
10 Steps to Starting a Successful Business
"What Do Successful Businesses Have In Common?"
"How To Sell Anything To Anybody" with Cliff Ennico
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