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Robert J. St. Germain Sr.

A Contractually Commercial Franchising distribution network for the EndUser

Welcome to Our Franchised distribution network for job creation by Zip Code!

The question is how we create jobs within the distribution network that will benefit the human element in creating a quality family life for their future offspring’s.

First human nature is a person that wishes to be connected, family, gangs and school association, sports hobbies, this all equates to birds of a feather flock together. Just think of creating for future generations a way to pass down intellectual property and understand entrepreneurship from your entrepreneurial leadership as a role model. You can create businesses and manufacturing for future generations.

Our society has forgotten that it was the manufacturing that created wealth. The corporations of the industrial age have taken what our ancestors created and improved to create a better quality of life environment for the entire country.
The experts claim service could carry our society without manufacturing. Not everyone can create jobs with a college education. Today the true entrepreneur and innovator are from the middle class. The handyman or best known as Jack of all trades is the person that looks at what is needed, what is available and how to repair or create it. It is my opinion we can create an environment to help our country, market to the end user which is us and our neighbors to create a new future within a trust environment. The human element does not understand business and the greed within the CEOs on Wall Street. With a government me first with the laws and taxes that has created today’s environment. Banks are not allowing the innovator to work his/her magic to creating jobs without putting their family’s quality of life on the line.

For 95% of people will complain, talk about what should be done and could be done and wait for someone to do it for them. Only 5% are innovators, inventors and have the common sense to create jobs. What is needed is a way to create a distribution network with thousands of corporations that allows them to create their magic on the part time basis. What I am asking you who are members of the school of hard knocks to evaluate my concept and create what is needed by categories. Just read the questions and answers to understand where I am going in creating this concept.  For intellectual property within the distribution network will be created for and unlike the industrial age be first kept within the state and the country of origin. Instead of getting a gold watch, they will be able to receive royalties and create reverse engineering manufacturing.

Today the children of the elderly are torn between a need to balance family obligations between the 20 yrs old and their parent needs in creating end of life quality environment before dying. I have a product that cannot be mass produced and is register with the food and drug administration. When evaluating distribution for the elderly, I realized the medical field pertaining to the end of life concept would have to encompass everything they need. Families cannot wait till the last minute on what is best for their parents or love one. Living and dying are part of life and we need to face it. We cannot keep letting the medical community make the decisions when we know the eventual outcome. What are needed are those in the medical community in their forties and fifties to create the distribution system for the elderly. I then realized that this is also a generic concept that will protect intellectual property, services/products by creating distribution and help future generations to keep jobs here.

The entrepreneurial distribution network is a percentage of profits only corporation arrangement for CEOs.  Because birds of a feather flock together on a particular subject or category they will work together to create businesses that will use a distribution network and will allow new CEOs to be created to replace them in that corporation for new services/products.
Each state will have a working group to update and evaluate known as CEOs/franchisees. The CEOs will sign a contract and abide by the guidelines when assigned to a board of directors.
CEOs/franchisees as innovators will evaluate within their expertise and category what is available to the end user at this time.
As a board of directors they can help each other to determine the value to the end user with distribution within that state and what will be needed in creating new income for start up businesses as they bringing them on board.
To create CEOs/franchisees a minimum of five areas is needed where they will use population density and zip codes to find and create a business base for a percentage of profits income.
CEOs/franchisees will be reimbursed for creating the corporation’s they will be in charge of as profits are realized from their local network.

Open posting of local zip code business on the internet in distribution doing business for service or products will allow public feedback to air feelings both positive and negative to show % OF PROFITS CEO/franchise that this business ls honoring the contract with the end user..

End user feedback with credibility is achieved and Montered by the board of directors of the State Crop that are providing this distribution network of service down to the end user.

Group/ provides a main business local network on the web, maintaining trust with quality for job creation on the local level in the needs of families and individuals when one person business is started or provided.

Group/ provides the business owners to respond personally or have a franchise at the local level for eye to eye communication's when needed. Responsibility and credibility for public disclosure are network rules to protect end users..

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