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GroupNet Introduction

Now there's any easy and affordable solution for intellectual property owners to interact with the public. GroupNet is a unique and refreshing program. It balances free flow of information, with the power for entepreneurs to promote their own information, ideas, or perspective. End users have free access (called Open Flow) to an authors site. The author, in turn derives a fair price to access certain proprietary information or provides information free for educational purposes in the public good.

GroupNet basically covers all subjects, activities, and communication by indexing according to informational categories. These categories in turn can be indexed according to geographical location. Under this cooperative network creators and users of information may mutually exploit and benefit one another in the economic community.

GroupNet substantially reduces, and in some cases virtually eliminates, the transaction costs in information exchange. Because "birds of a feather flock together" groups on the same subject will allow open discussion on every detail, both positive and negative, on all topics. The economic benefits for the end users are community growth, as well as reduced costs, making information access easier, cheaper, faster, and ultimately more efficient.

This is a compulsory license scheme which satisfies the critical access needs of the public, while still protecting the exclusive rights and provisions of copyright laws. Authors provide consent to reasonable uses of their works, including referrals.

Groups networking and counseling each other combined with the international community will allow student research including criticism beyond the walls of academia allowing expression, feelings, needs, with economic opportunities.

Open-Flow use does not mean free use. There is an enormous cost associated with information exchange. These costs include (but are not limited to) the author's research costs in bringing credibility to a subject, and also the costs of the Internet space as well as software to police abuse. GroupNet provides a public format on each subject, which is maintained only by a yearly registration. The author pays a fee only when a monetary value is received because of business generated through participation in Groupnet.

GroupNet is for anyone to find or show information. Participants may include individuals , students, professionals, or small businesses - the list is endless. These participants will direct and police the information, encouraging competiton and free enterprise to the benefit of the end users.

Local, national and International better business boards allows open posting of personal opinion pages about corporations and individuals doing business will direct and police credibility. The true nature of their business practices, not assumption by the end user, now provide a voice to protect the public.

Company Profile

GroupNet Copyright Licensing is officially part of Made Rite Rocker Inc. 1986 and began providing its copyright license service to owners in January 1998. Here's our story. . .

A Need Becomes Evident by Developing a Business Model From Dream's to Worldwide Impact

The GroupNet Copyright License service was birthed in the computer of Inventor Bob St. Germain Sr. Naugatuck, CT, USA. It began in 1997 when bob first became aware of the need to index by word association as he was looking to market his exercise rocker on the Internet He asked himself how to expose his product to help the elderly, and what could be done about the copyright crisis.

In July 1997, Bob began to develop a "Inventors concept", whereby open-flow information could be obtain with permission from Intellectual Property Owners for specific activities, which he labeled "non-commercial." It was called GroupNet and was to be part of Made Rite Rocker. On 8/29/97 became the Internet address.

In the first month, the basic concept had become license registration holders with referral Service Royalties. By the end of the second month, Eight category's covering subjects needed 10,000 Link Pages just for the 50 states were needed. Now add the Zip locations in each state, This now is 50,000 Link Pages for just the USA. With about 200 international locations the work became overwhelming. It became obvious that the need for a GroupNet copyright license affected more than just a few Intellectual Property copyright holders and International locations.


Future generations need to develop laws to overcome cultural differences. In January 1998 over 1,000 e-mail letters were sent to professors in academia dealing with international and intellectual property law. I asked for their help to act as a parent in watching over GroupNet. They are the non exclusive international law community and will teach the future generations in developing the intent and rules on the Internet. What a wonderful gift this will be to their grandchildren..

Here is what was sent;
To: Prof.

Dear Prof. Please forward to another if you cannot help.

My name is Robert J. St. Germain Sr. an inventor that has two patent's and a third one pending. I am seeking recommendations and guidance to patent or copyright my work for the people who need it the most. The Internet intellectual property community.

I have a vision that will give intellectual property owners the opportunity to change the odds from 98% failure rate to working with their own ideas to improve our world. Your input is extremely valuable in research and guiding this intellectual property to the international community.

This the wide open west of our forefathers. The intent is subject links within my work to provided Intellectual property owners the opportunity for translating information to another region's languish. This will be their own public domain sites for areas with open legal right's on the Internet. It balances fair use of information and provide authors the power to control events, "ideas," and "facts".

I have a vision of common sense legal forms for guidance in infringement attacks, this will allow both parties to review their positions as to the status of Intellectual property by region's. Groups working within each subject will interact and work within international and local laws to oversee abuse. This will bring information down to the local level to overcome cultural differences.

As you can see this will be a legal battle field of landmines in infringement attacks as well as international and local laws problems. This is the reason the legal attorney must be knowligble of both international law and the Internet. First we can patent or copyright my work. Next lay out the legal ground work, then a plan to involve the Internet to comply with and work within the international laws for every location.

Then to place my work now in a computer on the Internet and work out the problems. No one person is knowligble of all international law and the Internet. Hopefully this person will guide Intellectual property owners, inventors, and myself with the interaction needed for the world legal community.

Please send your recommendation of someone you trust that can work with me, and any information to guide both myself and this attorney. Thank You for reading this E-mail I am approaching 60 and want's to finish the last 15 yr.'s of life helping the future innovators, hopefully you will find time to help this Inventor.

Robert J. St. Germain Sr., History Site


As of 1/11/99 no one has come forward. Now I understand why 98% of inventors fail!

This world has only a what is in it for me mentality.

Developing a Business Model

During 1997, Bob was made aware of Information Time Lost on the Internet which had developed when a person could not spell properly in a search engine.

1. A licensing program needed to have a public feedback for credibility on every subject.

2. License fees needed to be affordable for the Intellectual Property copyright holders.

3. Compensation needed to be fair to Intellectual Property copyright holders.

4. Students need information with credibility through evaluation from debates in subject information.

5. The future should include groundwork for an international networking of GroupNet copyright licensing.

6. Intellectual Property copyright owners need to be able to defend their property by working within a single system that they will be able to find plagiarism of their property.

7. Chat rooms in which the Intellectual Property copyright owners create a system to repay their effort's.

8. Why not Public Domain Information down to the enduser with positive and negative feedback.

9. How about a system where the license program owners can have payment anywhere in the world.

10. What if they could refer and educate by supplying the enduser with credible products and services.

11. Open posting of personal opinion pages on Bulletin Boards to direct and police credibility for the enduser by providing a voice to the public.

From Dream's to Worldwide Impact, here is a summary of what you have the freedom to do as a GroupNet Copyright Licensee holder:

The Intellectual Property owner can provide their own system of service. This G.N.C.L.L. official copyright owner can provide knowledge for student's at no cost as well as have chat room interaction with creditability at a local level or region for training in this property subject. When income is received from reproductions and referral income services this person can choose to make a living and expand knowledge. This will equate the elimination or substantial reduction of transaction costs in information. Because ( Birds of a feather flock together ) Groups on the same subject will allow open discussion on every detail both positive & negative. The economic benefit is community growth for the enduser's by reduce costs, to make access easier, cheaper, faster, and more efficient

A doctor has a new way to provide a service. This G.N.C.L.L. official copyright owner can provide knowledge as well as recommend people with creditability at the local level with training for certification so the enduser will benefit by having this service. Having quality feedback by the person receiving service or product will promote good will.

Intellectual Property owners, who in the past could not become part of a License program, now can received significant payment for their work. ( "Caution" all legal work must be done before you network or you will give it away. )

When Intellectual Property owners receive their royalty income, I hope they realize they are supporting inventors and problem solves like themselves who are real people with dreams like their own that need's to be heard and will provide solution's with them for community need's!

It's called the GroupNet Copyright License Program. It can open your world to help with the rigid demands of the copyright law and to legally inform the world. Here are just some of the ways the Copyright License allows you to have information and referral income:

The Copyright License Program.

1. The GroupNet Copyright License allows both: Exclusive Intellectual Property owners Information and Referral Services Opportunity's at locations of legality, and Nonexclusive Public Domain Information and Referral Services Opportunity's in conveying the right to freemarket information within GroupNet.

2. Translate subject from English into another language: This can only be done by having English as the main page with another language translated exactly the same within your Group/Net files for international locations.

3. A breakdown of your Group/Net files is linking with verification in the subject only. When the subject incorporates other subjects, those subjects also have to be linked to your I.P. Address files. These Files have to be built and approval of content within our rules before links are activated. Non Exclusive Royalty Overseers will check and inform you when your site links are going to be installed. Overseers are independent and can work for you if you wish.. No links or banners other than feedback, ordering, and related information pages. You cannot have referral income subject information made under the license linked to groups outside of your Group/Net files. This is a Trust System when you do not report income, or fix problems we will remove you. "Please" do not waist your time this network will show you for what you are and the public will follow through because it is in their best interest..

4. Assign or transfer the license to another cannot be approved. The person in charge is responsible for abuse and when removal is necessary that person and business they represent cannot be reinstated for two years. It pays to arbitrate and satisfy the enduser.

5. The annual fee for a GroupNet Copyright License is determined by the location registration fee and the number of link's in it. Each location fee includes license and Link's. Additional fees are postage for hard copy, administration and interaction of legal paperwork for international locations. All terms are in effect only when the license is active. If the license is not renewed all rights are terminated effective on the expiration date the system links will be removed.

6. Nonexclusive international monetary sources can provide credits from international customers through your system as well as local payment's allowing income from all locations. G.N.C.L.L. owners benefiting income from international customer locations (where no published version exists) are subject to the appropriate law and fee schedule for transactions and income referrals within that country . GroupNet through its licensing program, offers a fair and equitable solution to the work load to be "legal and the assurance that we are honoring laws as well as the government of each location

7. What do I need to provide GroupNet? You need to print out our contract, fill it out, sign and return along with subject list sites to our post office box. Detailing Legal copyrighted intellectual property registration information to protect you from infringement. Provide payment for the License and links to each location. Public Domain ( Must state information source to offset infringement )

8. What is the cost of a License, site number and links for each location: Non Commercial is $25.00 a year per subject with two links. Additional links are $7.50 Each. Commercial Sites are $100.00 a year per subject with four links. Additional links are $25.00 Each.

9. Does GroupNet promote Intellectual Property and Public Domain Sites? No, we are allowing the public to promote, market or distribute their Intellectual Property and Public Domain Sites. We on the other hand do not set prices or recommend what is charged for referral income or services. The owner is responsible for rules of engagement with the public and must report income, control, edit and monitor for abuse to both the public and GroupNet.

10. What is a Royalty split? When the author benefits a monetary value received by either private or commercially because of this network. Open-Flow (No Charge) when no monetary value is received. A 2% fee for non commercial benefits and 5% fee for commercial benefits. This is a public Referral service format on each subject maintained by the author.

11. GroupNet currently offers the GroupNet Copyright License in Locations: Those Locations are combined into Regions: the Africa Region, the Asia/Pacific Region, the Asia Region, the Europe region, the North America Region. and the South America Region. Regions will be added as the information interstructure warrant's.

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