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Nonexclusive Verification Caretakers Program
Group/Net Nonexclusive Oversight Extension Program a fast growing, dynamic Internet information overseeing network that values the entrepreneurial/creditability of creative individuals. Group/Net is currently searching for professionals who are interested in playing a role in our overseeing program of freemarket information within Group/Net network.

This is a full-time or part time marketing position that is your overseeing network within the Nonexclusive Royalty Licensing Owner Program. Initial duration is 9 months with a lead time of two months notice of cancellation covered by Nonexclusive Trust Royalty Rules. Excellent opportunity for a highly-motivated individual with good computer, communication, phone and organizational skills and an interest in marketing their own business. You will have the opportunity to build a solid framework to guide site development, launch, and review enduser's in our network.

Society growth depends on access; and economic viability with respect for the rights of all, for both market and non-market transactions by simulating fair competition in your local geographic area. You will work with the enduser, educators, organizations, and business within our network. As oversight verification caretakers stoping abusers from distorting Group/Net network ability to provide information. This will save time give you extra exposure and reduce commercial advertisement cost's within your group.

Our aim is to inform everyone, you must monitor what comes through your group! Responding with form E-mail to guide site development. As a "trust network" when they do not comply no links will be activated or have all their I.P. Address links removed. This goes for anyone breaking Nonexclusive Trust Royalty Rules including oversight caretaker overseeing them. Be aware no exceptions, we do not sue you or them for non payment. The url link or links will be removed and a ( link-note ) stating reason will be placed with the name,

Verification caretakers will need to respond personally at the local level for eye to eye communication's when needed. Know current lifestyles, with a way of providing a clear understanding to the enduser of Internet exposure. You work as a team with us to update and service your group. This allows registered sites to be free market driven for innovation and pricing ability. Their expertise of subject, service and products will direct the public. Nothing is free together we will work to maintain the network and establishing guidelines when needed for upcoming problems ( nothing is perfect ).

Verification caretakers Income sharing comes from Royalty Trust payments including linking activation payments from their group on a monthly basis 15%. Caretakers monitor royalties and renewals to confirm income. Caretakers will receive payment at the end of the following month royalties and renewals were received as per Nonexclusive Trust Royalty Rules. All Copyrighted/registered Sites and link's within your group earning income must document and declare this monthly first to you then you to us or be removed.

Entrepreneurial Benefits are networking economic viability with excellent credible name exposure. Being the caretaker on every subject-index page linked to your own site. Your IP address will function as both overseer and Royalty owner in your respective field. Extra Bonus Link's can be earned check Nonexclusive Trust Royalty Rules.

Verification caretakers description & responsibilities

#1-Acts as the primary contact between Group/Net and the subject/expert's site network.

#2-Leads the subject/expert's through each phase of our linking process

#3-Works closely with subject/expert during site network development to ensure that all rules and timelines are met for credibility.

#4-Obtains and reviews with Group/Net comments/feedback to the subject/expert on a regular basis

#5-Identifies new Internet opportunities for subject/expert's under their care.

#6-Monitor's subject/expert's payments of royalties and renewals for network credibility

#7-Maintains ID listing of owner by adding, or removing links as well as listing subject's in html code on owner index. You will activate preset rebuttal and negative pages with owner ID and add your E-mail address for feedback in your geographic area group.


#1-Strong organizational and interpersonal skills

#2-Strong communications skills - both written and verbal

#3-Requires experience building and managing Web sites

#4-Work in a team oriented environment with subject/expert expectations in the referral process

#5-Expertise in HTML programming related languages with understanding of user interface design and creative process.

#6-Previous in-depth exposure to a variety of Internet technologies using Windows 95, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Excel

#7-Knowledge of client/server integration or I/P Address for subject/expert their

#8-Develops cutting edge custom Internet applications, thrives on technology's blistering pace

#9-Develop initial Search Engine submission process for Group/Net. subject/expert's sites on a quarterly refreshing and re-submission program. Research has determined that most Search Engines recognize pages that are re-indexed on a continual basis. Verification caretakers has the responsibility to provide high quality effective marketing no matter what the modality. Credibility and competitiveness as a nonexclusive caretaker builds economic viability

Internet Advertising Optional

You can coordinate an Internet advertising campaign to attract qualified audiences as long as rules are followed within Group/Net. The Group/Net entrepreneurial position is that all avenues to provide advertising sales representation for commercial Web sites is your god given right. Group/Net and subject/expert's sites fall under the Trust Royalty Agreement 5% when monetary value is earned from anyone within Group/Net Network.

Conventional Marketing Optional

More traditional marketing and public relations campaigns can also provide excellent opportunities for Nonexclusive Oversight Royalty Licensing Owner site promotion. Mailers, handouts, posters, newspaper, magazine advertising, and electronic media all provide methods of directing viewers to a Group/Net site. Group/Net and subject/expert's sites fall under the Trust Royalty Agreement 5% when monetary value is earned from anyone within Group/Net Network.

Responsibilities are to Group/Net and subject/expert's sites in coordinating a variety of informational subject's. Verification that their sites are responsible and respect the public good. For immediate consideration as openings occur, please mail us your resume with application form to Group/Net. at Post Box 63 Oakville CT. 06779

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