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Nonexclusive Royalty Licensing Owner Program

Group/Net Royalty Licensing Network is a fast growing, dynamic Internet Information Network that values the input of creative individuals. Group/Net is currently searching for enterprising professionals who are interested in explaining subjects. They will enjoy growth by conveying freemarket information within the Group/Net network. This network now reflects the needs of the future as well as the present

This can be full-time or part-time entrepreneurial opportunity in creating his/her own network within the Nonexclusive Trust Royalty Rules. Initial duration is one year, excellent opportunity for a self-motivated individual with good computer, communication, phone and organizational skills to become an expert of one or more subjects. Group/Net's proven process builds a solid framework to guide site development, you will be reviewed by overseers before insertion of I.P. address links to your network. Nonexclusive entrepreneur overseers in our network are available when you need Internet services.

You can provide everyone on the net your information expertise, the enduser, educators, organizations, and business. As caretakers of information within subjects listed in your own I.P. address you will be stoping abusers from distorting the Internet. Your site will teach and provide creditability down to the local area. Envision saving time by reduce commercial advertisement cost's with your site referral program. Society growth depends on access to your expertise in every field of information within subject's. Economic viability from respecting the rights of all, will simulating fair competition in your geographic area.

You are in a "trust network" when someone breaks Group/Net's agreement down the chain. The url link or links will be removed and a ( link-note ) stating reason will be placed with the name, we do not sue you or your referrals for non payment. Our aim is to inform everyone when you do not comply. Be aware no exceptions, you must monitor what comes through your referral program for income and responded to communication. It pays to arbitrate and satisfy the enduser. Or have all your I. P. address links in Group/Net's network removed.

Site Owners need to respond personally or by a representative at the local level for eye to eye communication's when needed. Envision lifestyles to convey information on subjects and provide a clear understanding of your Internet related referrals. You will need to update and service your site network referral program so it will respect the rights of all. This allows you to be in a free market network for innovation and pricing ability. Nothing is free together we will work to maintain the network and establishing guidelines when needed for upcoming problems ( nothing is perfect ).

The trust revenue comes from a merchant credit card approach. Based on a payment fee of monitory value for service at 2% non commercial and 5% commercial wavered until after a sale or service is consummated. All Copyrighted/registered Sites and link's within Group/Net network earning income must document and declare this monthly or be removed. We on the other hand do not set prices or recommend what is charged for referral income or services. The owner is responsible for rules of engagement with the public and must report income, control, edit and monitor for abuse to both the public and GroupNet

Their are no limitations to you as a expert. The N.R.L.O License can incorporate Intellectual Property ( must be documented ) as well as Public Domain Information. Your IP address will function as your store with everything needed on the Internet. Group/Net file network by itself with internal linking as stated under trust revenue rules. Other files for exposure on the Internet outside of group/net if needed. No limitations, we need ambition with credibility. The N.O.R.L.O License is the next step up when you qualify for both,

Entrepreneurial skills needed are listed below, we welcome your application. Benefits are many including excellent credible name exposure. Your information/expert's site category linked to local location by zip. code, Word of mouth and positive feedback inside of Group/Net network provides personal networking and economic viability for everyone.


#1-Strong organizational and interpersonal skills

#2-Strong communications skills - both written and verbal

#3-Requires learning HTML programming software to update and edit your I.P. address. This will give you the experience needed for building and managing Web sites ( Overseers can provide this. )

#4-Knowledge of client/server integration or I/P Address. ( Overseers can provide this. )

#5-Previous in-depth exposure to a variety of Internet technologies using Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Excel .   ( Overseers can provide this. )

#6-Work in a team oriented environment with the referral process to the enduser.

#7-Develop initial Search Engine submission process on a quarterly refreshing and re-submission program. Research has determined that most Search Engines recognize pages that are re-indexed on a continual basis. You will provide high quality effective marketing no matter what the modality. (Overseers can provide this.)

Owner Entrepreneurial Description & Responsibilities

#1-The royalty license holder is the primary person responsible for all information and referrals.

#2-No corporation or company can be a royalty license holder

#3-Obtains and reviews with Overseers & Group/Net comments/feedback from endusers on a regular basis

#4-Monitor's payments of royalties by reporting monthly for network credibility.

#5-Develop initial first page as the personal index.html page with personal breakdown:

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