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The marketplace needs new arrangements for debates and intellectual explanations on all subjects and products. An economic environment that fosters collaboration and input that will allow for both sides of any subject to be displayed by experts in their fields. GroupNet's common sense approach will include a full range of content for public access in the electronic world. The groups, function as both owners and consumers of what's in their respective fields. They will depend on the revenue from licensing provisions with GroupNet to support their information service and provide expertise to the public. As such, "No group" privite or public will have sole control to dominate their information service, they will use GroupNet's guidelines or be terminated as a participant in the system.. A common set of principles will provide standards in which individuals can evaluate knowledge by viewing all information. Hence, they can debate and add thier own view within the standards provided, rather than confrontation. Its a Public Networking of Private information sites that ranges from complex graphical and sound data to plain text, and will reach an audience that ranges from Nobel scientists to freshmen in remedial courses to citizens visiting a local town subject.

Emerging technologies not yet in the commercial marketplace will provide the means of controling and simulating fair competition for the complex combination of technical, legal, and business measures. The infotainment industry growth depends on access; and economic viability in circulation exploitation with respect for the rights of all. GroupNet will encompasses all sectors of society, including both market and non-market transactions with appropriate safeguards against abuse.

The accumulation of a cultural heritage will not cease when information and documentation cease to have commercial value and pass out of the marketplace. Hence, the system will reflect the needs of the future as well as the present and will be a well-ordered system for navigating information.

This concept is accomplished with the total participation of everyone linked inside this network. They will direct and police the information as a parent watches over a child in a geographic area as well as the net.

The revenue from licensing provisions with GroupNet come from a merchant credit card approach. Based on a payment from a fee on monitory value of service at 2% non commercial and 5% commercial wavered untill after a sale or service is consummated. This allows Non exclusive Copyrighted/registered Sites that are free market driven the innovation and pricing ability to direct the public in their expertise of subject, service and products."Nothing is free" someone has to pay to set it up and maintain the system, establish guidelines for upcoming problems ( nothing is perfect we are human ).

The system is controlled by Copyrighted/registration listings with rules allowing everyone the opportunity of open-flow information sites on every subject. We work with everyone on the net, the enduser, educators, organizations, and business, by linking to both sides of a story with public verification feedback.

All registered listed web sites are responsible for all links that are displayed by them. As site caretakers they will stop abusers from distorting the internets ability to teach. Their Copyrighted/registered site will give the net credibility on every subject. They will become a roll model just like the retired person next door who gives advise when asked.

Everyone can list their subject, product or services down to the local area. Links to subject information sites save time and reduce commercial advertisement cost's and get rid of banners. ( Sample Site )

When someone breaks Group/Net's agreement down the chain. The url link or links will be removed and a note stating reason will be placed under the name. Our aim is to inform everyone, when you do not comply, you will also be removed. Be aware no exceptions you must monitor what comes through your pages or have all your information in the network removed. "Nothing is free you must work the system "

Copyrighted/registered open-flow information Site Fee $ 0.00 per Month. by subject. 2 links your preference, Add $0.00 per month for each extra link.

Non exclusive Copyrighted/registered Commercial Site Fee $ 0.00 per month. by state or country, up to 4 links for product & service. Add $0.00 per month for each extra link.

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