Harold W. Hebb

Made Rite Rocker Medical used for hip surgery:
Date started 10/25/00 six weeks later surgery was performed on 12/11/2000

 I had my hip replaced on 12/11/2000. For six weeks prior to that I was basically an invalid. I needed crutches to get around and most chairs I sat in were uncomfortable after about 5 minutes. The Made Rite Rocker allowed me to sit comfortably for a much longer time. After my surgery is was the only chair I could sit in and maintain the angles that were medically necessary as I rehabilitated from the replacement.

Desirable chair features:
 #1 Ease of getting in and out of chair.
 #2 Ease of storing when not in use.
 #3 Height of chair and ease of adjusting seat position. 

I had a total ® hip replacement surgery done on December 11, 2000. For the six- (6) weeks prior to my surgery I was in constant pain and was mobile only with the use of crutches. Sitting at this time was not only difficult, but very uncomfortable. Getting up from a chair was also difficult and painful for me. The Made-Rite rocker allowed me a degree of comfort that no other chair in my house afforded me. In addition, due to the way in which the side arms were positioned, I was able to get out of the chair with more ease and comfort than was ever possible with other chairs in the house.

I had my surgery at Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT. After my surgery and during my therapy and recuperation, this chair was even of more value to me. The reason being that total hip patients are required to maintain certain hip angles, i.e. not exceed 90 degrees of flexion at the hip. The Made-Rite Rocker, with a wedge designed for the seat, allowed me to sit comfortably and orthopaedically correct. It is also important to note that the side arms made getting out of the chair relatively simple during this time of early recovery.

It is very clear to me that the Made-Rite Rocker made my life easier, more comfortable and safer during my recuperation from my total hip surgery.

Harold W. Hebb

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