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Creating & working as Made Rite Rocker, Inc.

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Personal Information & Opportunities:

Born in Waterbury, Conn. to Blanche and Armand St. Germain
Married, Rita Gillette First Marriage : Five Sons: One Daughter:
Now Married to Jeannine Tarte 25 Years: Two Step Daughters:
As of 2012:  Grandchildren 17:  Great-grandchildren 4

Age 16 to 48 I worked at Waterbury Farrel Forndry in Waterbury, & Cheshire CT.
As a workahauclic and having a large family I created & worked home repair & services business.
In 1986 manufacturing ownership changed & forced to retire or lose 32 Years invested.
The idea was born of a rocker and I started to create my entrepreneurial dream.
It is a global concept of a personal adjustable rocker not avaiable on the world market.

I was under the impression that the equipment needed could be purchased on the open market. That was not the case. With my machining background I designed and built all the machinery needed to cut and bend the frame. I bought commercial sewing machines to stitch the fabric cover. With a supply of heavy wall aluminum tubing, aircraft seating fabric, hook & loop material for adjustability; I started to build.
I began a regional marketing effort in New England at fairs, trade shows, festivals, etc. I received a very positive response about the rocker helping persons with limited arm/leg strength. The medical health field with liability issues stopped me cold, I would have to give my intellectual property away just to obtain financial capitol and would not be able maintain quality and medical distrubution.
The first product was the standard & special leasure Made Rite Rocker.Then came R & D in the medical field to create & redo machinery to manufacture the Made Rite Chair used for hip surgery:

At this time I will only Custom build rockers in a limited quantity as ordered.
The opportunities are here for franchising & mass production for a global market.
The opportunities are also here for a global market on the internet.

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Because 98% of Inventors never make money, I came up the market idea of Group/Net where only the individual expert of subject/information is listed. Enjoying their own IP Address for local referrals and credibility in public feedback. The enduser oversees them by responding with their own IP Address html pages offering positive, negative and rebuttal information.. References are listed on service and products within the expert's linkage for public viewing. Public Billboards to post personal opinions for credibility and business practices they themselves have experienced from local, national and international corporations.
Offering positive, negative and rebuttal information for public viewing. A network that values from input of creative individuals to create and convey freemarket information within the Group/Net network.
This network will reflects the needs of the future as well as the present.

You can contact me by phone by leaving your number and best time to call back to reverse the charges. Regular mail is available.

Beach & Std. Rocker /The FDA Made Rite Chair / Transport Rocker  Recliner/ Adjustment

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