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The Provisional Application for End of Life Care

Venturing and Licensing are the strategies for pursuing end of life care for the elderly.
I am asking potential franchisees to do a bottom-up assessment of what the end of life for elderly family members need.
This is done by reverse engineering and finding ways to pay for rentals and purchases.
There are other services that can be applied when they are in a home setting.
We need a new cost-effective strategy for those interested in pursuing Licensing.

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Marketing Needs Groups as Mentors are Needed for each State!

The question is how we create jobs within the distribution network that will benefit the human element in creating a quality family life for their future offspring’s.

Open posting of local zip code business on the internet in needs doing business for service or products will allow public feedback to air feelings both positive and negative to show CEO/mentor that creating this nrrd ls honoring the contract with the mentor..

End user feedback with credibility is achieved and Montered by the board of directors of the State Crop Mentors that are providing this distribution network of needs down to the end user.

Group/Net(zip-code).com provides a business local network on the web, maintaining trust with quality for job creation on the local level in the needs of families and individuals when one person business is started or provided.

Group/Net(zip-code).com provides the needs owners to respond personally or create a franchise at the local level for eye to eye communication's as needed. Responsibility and credibility for public disclosure are Group/Net(zip-code).com network rules to protect end users..

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