GroupNet(zip-code).com is a zip-code Distrubution Network in

List of catagories to help Entrepreneurs and Mentors
in creating NEEDS by members in a zip-code

#1 One on one interaction to create birds of a feather Entrepreneurs club

#2 Start part Time looking for innovators and needs creators  then create yearly memberships with bimonthly meetings

#3 Stop! without birds of a feather interaction and taking your time to learn you will fail.

#4 As the Mentor you will be in control of costs, all income is created by you so understand your area economic quality of life. Walk in the economic shoes of the bottom up society.

#5 A mentors is totality in charge of his/her IP Site. This creates the power for entrepreneurs to promote their own information, ideas, or perspective.

#6 Create groupnet-(your zip-code#).com at

#7 Legal LLC needs to be with name groupnet-(your zip-code#).com to protect you.

#8 Work yearly contract to protect member & Mentor CEO for future profits understand this approach in all categories. As system grows public input will create credibility.

#9 Create web site with category list including members needs on the internet Maintained & controlled by you for part in the board of directors in your State.

#10 You need to learn to create data info and have business experience in mentoring city, state, & country legal needs.

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