Costom built to enjoy Life's Simple Pleasures

Designed to address elderly needs for easy exit with portability.

Made-Rite Easy Exit Rocker !

Hand Grip
Open Foot  /  Style
Exit Support
A wide platform
prevents tipping
with non skid
rubber pads.
for transport.

Overview of a Rehab Coordinator / The Made-Rite Easy Exit Rocker: (Cleck Here)

Rehab residents found the Made-Rite:
? Comfortable
? Contoured to your body
? Did not cause resident to perspire
? Could rock without the chair scooting across the floor
? Able to get up independently
? Could sleep in this chair without getting a stiff neck
? Chest Therapy patients were able to sleep all night in rocker

We have a different and unique portable design that will cradle our body in fabric without touching hard surfaces.

The Extended Soft Hand-grip Bars allows for :

The Open Foot Stabilizer Support: Two frame sizes are available; a smaller frame for people under 5' 6",
or a larger frame for individuals up to 6' 6"

The Made-Rite Easy Exit Rocker will accomodate 275 lbs. For persons over 275 lbs. up to 400 lbs. the Super Duty Reinforcing Option is required.


The high back allows the head to rest comfortably, and is available in two different back angles for your individual needs. (either semi-reclining, or upright)

Each Made-Rite Easy Exit Rocker  sold comes with the following:

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