Endorsement of Made Rite Rockers as Beach Chairs

Ronald and Karen Hubbell

In the fall of 1995, while attending the Eastern States Exposition, we met Bob St. Germain, selling his Made Rite Rocker. Because my husband has suffered from back problems for years, enduring several surgeries and constant pain, our first requirement in a beach chair was that he could sit comfortably in it for extended periods of time. Although skeptical that value of the chair was worth the price, after my husband tried it and liked it, we bought two chairs, which Bob personally adjusted for our individual comfort.

We absolutely fell in love with these chairs. For the following six years we used them exclusively everywhere we went. We spend summers camping on the Rhode Island shore with our R.V. and were particularly impressed with the way these chairs weathered salt air and sand, all day and all night, for the entire length of our summers in Rhode Island, May through October. We were amazed at the durability of the chairs and materials under constant assault by the seashore elements. The frames of aircraft aluminum, the durable fabric, and hardy stitching continued to look like new, even after six years of exposure to sun, salt air, and sand. When a hefty friend of ours, who weighs over 350 pounds, visited us at the shore, he chose these chairs to sit in.. Not only did he like them for comfort, but he especially appreciated their sturdy construction which saved him the embarrassment of collapse, something which had unfortunately occurred more than once in less-sturdy chairs as a result of his weight.

In the fall of 2002, we left New England on a “See the USA” odyssey, taking our favorite “beach chairs” with us. They traveled with us from New England to Alaska and
everywhere in between, strapped to the outside ladder of our R.V. After two years of wandering, while we were traveling on a Midwest interstate, our chairs fell off the back of the R.V. When we realized they were gone, we backtracked for sixty miles, searching for them in vain. As soon as we returned to New England, and repeatedly over the next four years, we attempted without success to locate Bob St. Germain so that we could replace them. And every year for the next four years of our full-time RV’ing life, we bought chairs and recliners of various makes and models for our outdoor relaxing. No matter how we looked, we never found a chair of the same quality and durability as our lost Made Rite Rockers. And so, every year we would need to replace the previous year’s purchase as a result of breakage, rust, or ripped-out materials. Boy, did we miss our Made Rites. No other chair lasted like them; in fact, most of the others rusted out after just one summer of salt air exposure, and the fabric soon rotted under the constant punishment of the beach sun. Even the corded attachments failed the test of weather..

Finally, in 2007, after four frustrating years of searching, we reconnected with Bob St. Germain via the Internet and ordered new Made Rite Rockers. In fact, just to be sure we never had to be without them again, we ordered an extra pair so we could leave two in New England for our summer pleasure and bring the other two to stay at our winter home in Baja, Mexico. Once again, Bob personally fitted the chairs to our specific comfort needs. Waiting for our new chairs to arrive was nearly as difficult as the four years it took us to find Bob again!! To say we were happy to get our new Made Rite Rockers would be a huge understatement. Never again will we be without their durable comfort, and never again will we lose them on a highway in the Midwest or anywhere else!

As much as we enthusiastically recommend Made Rite Rockers as lifetime beach chairs, we also recommend them as just about the best everyday yard chairs ever made. In fact, whenever we have friends over, I have noticed they all head for the Made Right Rockers first, praising their comfort. Once vacated by one person, these chairs never stay empty for long! I tell everyone that these chairs will be the last beach chairs or yard chairs they will ever need to buy--unless they lose them off their vehicles, as we did.
My husband and I have never seen chairs that can endure the elements unsheltered and still looked like new after six years like these chairs do. People always want bargain prices for things, but once they add up the cost and aggravation of having to pay for yearly replacements due to rust from salt air or fabric failure from sun exposure, truly savvy shoppers can’t help but admit that these chairs are certainly a bargain whose value is measured not by seasons but by a lifetime. For these and for so many other reasons, we enthusiastically endorse the Made Rite Rocker as a great beach chair.


Ronald and Karen Hubbell

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