Transport Rocker / Recliner

This is the standard Made Rite Rocker mounted to a wheeled base. The base has four 6" by 2" wide rubber wheels with top mounted foot locks. The two front wheels are fixed. The chair is steered from the rear swivel wheels. This allows for a very tight turning radius in confined spaces.

This rocker is designed to help persons in and out. This model also has extended soft hand grips for easy exit. A retractable foot rest assembly is provided along with a vinyl lower leg guard to keep a persons legs in place. These features gives the patient the ability to maximize the use of their arms, hands and legs in exiting and exercising.

A foot actuated rocker lock on the side of the frame allows an aide to lock the Rocker at any angle from upright to semi-reclined. This allows easy exit when in upright position. Comfort can be maximized by locking the rocker at the individual's favorite position.

The lock is equipped with spring controlled tension bars that allow for a gentle rocking action when locked. These springs can be adjusted to suit the individual's abilities.

If an individual does not have the strength to rock, a motor with a cam & lever action can be mounted on the base to allow passive exercise within a 30 degree arc.

Another feature is an upper body side restraining bar which doubles for pushing / steering.

A universal mounting flange (under development) can be mounted on both sides above the front wheels. This will allow the mounting of a table for reading and dining without effecting the rocking action. Also under development is an optional large wheel tag axle for persons who have the strength to wheel themselves.

The unit folds to approximately 28" wide x 46" long. The Transport Rocker / Recliner is now avaiable to the global medical community.

This Transport Rocker / Recliner is Patent # 5897462.

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